Medicine: Voronoff and Steinach

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Serge Voronoff, the Russian surgeon of Paris who leaped into notoriety about three years ago with his gland transplantation experiments, came into his own at the International Congress of Surgeons in London last week, when 700 of the world's leading surgeons applauded the success of his work in the " rejuvenation " of old men. The sensational claims and misleading publicity which attend the work of seekers after the elixir of youth have obscured Voronoff's careful experimental basis and have made him suspect with conservative scientific men. But professional opinion is growing more lenient as increasing numbers of surgeons in various countries are experimenting with these methods. In America, Dr. G. Frank Lydston, the eminent Chicago specialist who died last winter, was a pioneer in gland implantation. Voronoff's book, Life, in which he set forth some of his theories, appeared in English in 1920, and his scientific papers in French journals have been well received.

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