CRIME: George Did It

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The Happy Man. So did George, who wanted only to publicize his grievance. Then one day he picked up a copy of the Hearst New York Journal-American "Give yourself up," read an open letter to the Mad Bomber. "You will get a fair trial." George could not resist answering. The J-A continued to play him on the line; slowly George's cautious replies produced enough information to send Con Edison clerks scurrying through a mass of old "troublemaker" files. Sure enough, there was George's folder.

Last week George was getting more publicity than he had dared dream of in all the dedicated hours he had spent at his lathe. (The cops, for example, were accusing Con Edison of having held back its "trouble" file all these 16 years, and there was a squabble over the $26,000 reward.) Now, in the comfort of his hospital room, George was reading all about himself in the papers. He wasn't even unduly annoyed when the psychiatrists came in and interrupted his reading.

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