Epsom Derby

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Among last week's winners were Nottingham Cricketer Julian Cahn who won £62,000 ($300,000) in the London Stock Exchange Sweepstakes, Widow Kathleen McGrath of Dublin who won £25,000 in the Baltic Sweep, Clerk Butler of the Amalgamated Motors Ltd., Oudtshoorn, Cape Province, South Africa who had a Calcutta Sweepstakes ticket but was reported to have lost it, Jimmy Gibbs, 7, who had a ticket on Favorite Cragadour, part interest in which his father sold for $60,000 before the race, Engineer Arthur Court of Indianapolis who invested one reluctant dollar in the English Derby charity Sweepstakes (Army and Navy Veterans, Quebec, Unit 33), and won $85,000.

Engineer Court last week was walking home from the building where he tends furnaces when a stranger offered him $10,000 for his ticket. Shrewdly Mr. Court refused, said later to newsgatherers: "I knew then I had something good, so I just held on to it." That night he learned that he had won. Engineer Court's plans: to "take that vacation after all and go fishing," to buy his own home, to provide education for his children, Lawrence, Florence, Floracene, Juanita, Clyde. His other three children are already educated. Engineer Court will not, however, receive the entire value of his ticket. To the veteran's relief fund he must donate 47% (about $40,000). To Guy Moore, Indiana plumber who bought a fifth interest in the winning ticket, he must pay $10,000. The J. S. will also collect income tax. Engineer Court found time, last week, amid many financial arguments and arrangements to invest another dollar in another sweepstake, the Dominion Rifle.

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