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Secretary of the Treasury Andrew W. Mellon read his new assistant's words he frowned instantly and sent for their author. Secretary Mellon kept Assistant-Secretary Lowman closeted for a solid hour, presumaby explaining that discretion is the better part of ardor.

Anti-Salooners were scarcely better pleased than Mr. Mellon. It makes Prohibition sound so hopeless to say it may not come true for 50 years. It makes Prohibition sound almost iniquitous to imply that its enforcement has fostered corruption.

Resignation? A new sponge must always be soaked before using or its fibres may scratch the hand that uses it and the surface it is intended to clean. The question last week in Washington was: did Secretary Mellon put such a thorough damper on Assistant Secretary Lowman that the latter might soon resign?

*Refrain: Sweet Adeline, Sweet Adeline

At night, sweetheart, for you I pine.

In all my dreams,

Your fair face beams.

You are the idol of my heart,

Sweet A-adeli-ine!"

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