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Famed Ladies' Home Journalist Edward William Bok was cradled at drowsy Helder, in the Netherlands, has achieved newsboy-to-vice-president&* success during his last 47 years (spent mostly in the U. S.). Recently he returned to the Netherlands, ferreted (with intent to laud) into the question of how much "success" Queen Wilhelmina has achieved during the quarter century of her reign. Mr. Bok saw much, and what he saw was good. Last week he conveyed to the Queen whose sovereignty he escaped by "Americanization" a memento of esteem—a stained glass window for the Nieuwe Kirk at Delft. By Mr. Bok's command Dutch Artist W. A. von Konynemburg will paint Her Majesty upon glass "in various symbolic attitudes, as the embodiment of all the cardinal virtues."

*Of the Curtis Publishing Company.