National Affairs: In Wyoming

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In Wyoming, Governess Nellie Tayloe Ross, who has not had so prominent a place in the headlines as the Governess of Texas, was asked by the Associated Press her views of women in politics:

"The question is so often propounded to me in various forms as to what I consider the particular service women may render in politics and government that I am forced to the conclusion that it is inspired by real concern on the part of the public as to the effect of the general enfranchisement of women. Whether the question emanates from, apprehension or hope I am unable to say. . . .

"It is most amusing and amazing to me, for example, to be asked, as I was soon after my election, whether I expected to appoint any men to office? This question, telegraphed to me from the East by a well-known metropolitan newspaper, had every indication of being quite sincere, and was apparently inspired by the fear that the elevation of women to executive office was likely to be followed by the dismissal of all men and the substitution of women in their places."