Sport: Ungodly

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A bill asking for a million florin ($400,000) appropriation to finance the 1928 Olympic Games, introduced last month (TIME, Apr. 6), was defeated by 48 to 36 in the Lower House of the States-General (Parliament) at The Hague.

Catholic and Calvinist deputies joined forces against the Liberal and Socialist supporters of the Government, called the games "heathenish." One deputy hoped that the Netherlands would never again enter the Olympics in which, said he, "nothing worthy is done for the glory of God."

The defeat of the bill means that no parliamentary action can be taken until autumn, owing to an intervening election ; but the Olympic Committee expressed confidence that it would be able, at the Olympic Congress at Prague, to be held May 25, to show guarantees of the Netherlands' ability to finance the Games.

Meantime, Brigadier General Charles H. Sherrill, U. S. delegate to the Prague Congress, said in Paris that "the United States will assist Holland in every way possible to stage the 1928 Olympic Games," that "as the first instance of the solidarity of the United States with Holland, Los Angeles will refuse the 1928 games, should the Prague Congress rule that Holland must pass them up."

This means that Los Angeles prefers to sponsor the Games in 1932, but doubtless many European cities will welcome an invitation, should the Netherlands fail to raise the requisite amount of money.