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A Berlin despatch represented Dutch newspapers as terrified to give currency to the following tale, said to be common property and mot du jour in the Netherlands:

Princess Juliana of Holland is 15. She goes to school. Lately came a holiday, whereupon Juliana hied herself to Amsterdam with a lady-in-waiting. There was the world yet to see. Princess Juliana is 15.

One day the lady-in-waiting and Juliana were somehow separated. Juliana, wandering alone, came to a synagog. Not every day can a Dutch princess enter a synagog alone, so Juliana slipped in.

The next day, and the next, there was a new member of that synagog's congregation—seemingly a Jewess of about 15, very pious.

The cantor of that particular synagog, one Gabriel Alaro, is a handsome man of 30, a widower, twice a father. Gabriel's eyes are "big as baseballs," round and black. Gabriel's voice is sweet and deep. Gabriel's locks are long, angelic.

None thought it strange that the pious young Jewess watched the handsome cantor in a state of maidenly exaltation. None wondered when she lingered after service and spoke him fair for his singing.

None save the door man of that synagog. He had read the newspapers. He knew a Jewess when he saw one, and a Princess, too. He communicated his fears to the Hague and court emissaries came.

Princess Juliana of Holland is 15. Her holiday in Amsterdam has ended. At court, one does not talk of synagogs before Queen Wilhemina, nor of cantors, nor much of folk named Gabriel. Princess Juliana of Holland is 15.