NETHERLANDS: Navy Bill Beaten

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The Second Chamber of the Dutch Parliament defeated the Naval Bill (TIME, May 19, Aug. 6) by 50 votes to 49. Had it not been for the fact that one of the 100 members which forms the membership of the Second Chamber was missing, the result might have been a draw. Premier Jonkheer Dr. C. J. M. Ruys de Beerenbrouck tendered the resignation of the Cabinet to the Queen, who requested the members to remain in office until certain items on the Parliamentary agenda had been settled. A new Cabinet is, however, inevitable.

The Navy Bill, which provides for a larger Navy, has been the subject of violent political discussion from last Spring until the present time. The bill was allegedly born from the fear caused by the British project of a naval base at Singapore, which, part of the Dutch claimed, menaced their large East Indian Empire. Opponents of the bill, however, considered the need of economy to override every other consideration. Presumably the bugaboo of danger to the Dutch in the Far East has been laid to rest, especially since the British Government is willing to come to an agreement with the Dutch about Singapore.