NETHERLANDS: Queen Willemientje

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Queen " Willemientje"

Her Majesty Queen Wilhelmina, or Willemientje (little Wilhelmina) as she remains to the Dutch, 25 years a queen, entered her capital upon her Silver Jubilee and birthday celebration amid great enthusiasm.

The Queen, dressed entirely in white relieved only by a bouquet of mauve orchids, was accompanied by her consort, Prince Henry of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, drove through The Hague, was welcomed by choral bodies singing the Wilhelmus, and civic, naval and military assemblies. Long and loud were the cheers ot "God save the Queen!" Little Princess Juliana, Holland's future Queen, also received a tremendous ovation from the people. The enthusiasm displayed was said to be rare in Holland. At night the city was a "fairyland of colored lights."; The festivities lasted until Sept. 6.

Queen Wilhelmina, born Aug. 31, 1880, succeeded to the throne Nov. 23, 1890. On Aug. 31, 1898, she became of age and she was crowned Queen of Holland on Sept. 6 of that year. Her only daughter is Princess Juliana Louise Emma Marie Wilhelmina, aged 14.

Mr. Edward W. Bok (Americanized Hollander) in a preface to Mr A. J. Barnouw's book— gives interesting details about the Queen. Says he:

"There sits a man's mind on the Dutch throne,' said a prominent official of the Dutch Government to me. ' Make no mistake on that point. Wilhelmina's mentality has won the respect of each one of her Ministers, past and present."

Then a dialogue between the Queen and one of her Ministers:"

I cannot answer that, Your Majesty,' said the Minister."

'Why not?' asked the Queen.

"'I do not know," returned the Minister.

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