THE PRESIDENCY: Preface to War

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Senator Borah, vacationing at Poland Spring, Me., defended his position himself: "We cannot enter the struggle in part and stay out in part. Our boys would follow our guns into the trenches." >Franklin Roosevelt chose to issue a General Proclamation of Neutrality. Under the Neutrality Act he had to embargo arms, war materials, forbid U. S. citizens to travel on belligerents' ships. While he stalled, U. S. plane makers rushed consignments over the Canadian border and onto Los Angeles docks for last-minute shipment to Great Britain and France. >The United Government Employes (colored) memorialized President Roosevelt to let Negro soldiers guard the White House now as they did during the World War.

*Secretary of the Treasury Henry Morgenthau rushed last week from Bergen, Norway, in the Coast Guard cutter George W. Campbell to St. John's, Newfoundland, whence Coast Guard planes relayed him to Washington. Postmaster General Farley, after visiting Poland and France and kissing the "Blarney Stone" in Eire, was homebound aboard the S. S. Manhattan. *Attorney General Murphy announced there was "no spy angle" to the Bremen search. He also said last week: "There will be no repetition of the situation in 1917 when a democracy was unprepared to meet the espionage problem."

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