Women, Now at a Theater Near You

Are The Heat's heroines our last, best hope?

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Gemma La Mana / 20th Century Fox

Oscar nominee Melissa McCarthy (L) and Oscar winner Sandra Bullock together in The Heat.

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Feig doesn't dispute the validity of business models that drive studios to keep women in supporting roles. But, he says, "let's not just accept that. Let's figure out what we do to break through that." On a micro level, I try to expose my son to films where women can be seen and heard. Recently I offered up Splash during a playdate rapidly heading south. Both boys were initially suspicious (so ancient!) but by the time the dad arrived to pick up his son, they were rapt. Then the dad made the fateful declaration, "Splash is kinda girlie," and Splash was sunk.

"That's why I feel like it's kind of my job to re-educate men with these movies," Feig tells me. "To get them out of that mind-set. It's an uphill battle." Let's bring the heat.

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