10 Questions for Perez Hilton

The blogger on celebrities, Miss California and what gossip he won't print. Perez Hilton will now take your questions

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Perez Hilton

Why do you think we're obsessed with celebrities? Jerome Cleary WEST HOLLYWOOD, CALIF.

I think being fascinated by others is just who we are; we're curious creatures. Hollywood is a lot like high school. Everyone was interested in what the head cheerleader was doing and what the captain of the football team was doing and if they were dating each other.

I feel that you asked Miss California a fair question, but do you regret the harsh treatment she received for answering her question honestly? Barb McClintock, HOUSTON

I think by entering the Miss USA pageant, she made herself a public figure. If a civilian were to answer that question, would I think the response that she got was appropriate? No. But when you become a tabloid figure, which she did, the rules change.

How much time do you actually spend in front of a computer in a day? Do you blog by yourself? Nicole Smith KEEGO HARBOR, MICH.

Pretty much from 5 a.m. until 4:15 p.m., I'm in front of my computer. Right now it's pretty much just me. But I am hiring people finally. I'm planning to start a new website in the next six months, so I definitely need help for that.

What kinds of sources do you use when getting your celeb tips? Katie Walthall, STERLING, VA.

Well, the best sources are always my friends. I won't just put anything up. I take what I do very seriously. I push buttons and say things that offend people, but I also want to make sure that I'm not perpetuating lies. I've never made up anything on my site. I think the only celebrity magazines that don't make up stories are PEOPLE and Us Weekly. All the others, it's a combination of true things and fabricated things. And that sucks.

How do you respond to criticism of your outing of closeted celebrities who prefer to keep their personal lives private? Sarah Khalbuss PITTSBURGH, PA.

I'm all about equality. Why should I treat a gay celebrity keeping a secret different from a heterosexual celebrity keeping a secret? I shouldn't.

Have you ever regretted a post? Linnea Vaerst, STOCKHOLM

No. I regret the times that I've been wrong, but at the time I didn't know that I was wrong, and I was very confident that I was right, so I posted it.

Do you decide not to post about your friends, or are you impartial about whom you blog about? Roberto Torres WILMINGTON, DEL.

I'm not impartial. Nor do I pretend to be. I think my readers like the fact that I have opinions and strong ones. I never set out to become friends with celebrities. The ones that I am friends with know what I do for a living. Also, I'm not friends with the ones that are continually going to rehab or getting arrested.

You comment on others' lives, yet we don't know much about yours. How do you react when the gossip includes you? Patrick Michaels NEW YORK CITY

I don't take myself very seriously. I'm not Zac Efron, obviously. There's not a precious image that I'm trying to protect. I can be a bitch. I can go out and get photographed drunk. I can even get arrested. I don't think people will think any differently of me.

Is there anything you won't make fun of? Jennifer Black Stern ALISO VIEJO, CALIF.

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