10 Questions for Donatella Versace

After her brother Gianni was killed in 1997, she took over the family business and built it into a global brand, with a new menswear line out this month. Donatella Versace will now take your questions

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Luca Babini for TIME

Donatella Versace photographed at the TIME/LIFE building in New York on March 17, 2008. .

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What is your proudest professional achievement so far? Shahab Moghadam, Saratoga, Calfi.
That the Versace brand is very strong and recognizable around the world.

Is there a dream with the Versace brand that you have yet to see fulfilled? Michael Saleh, Washington D.C.
Yes. It's to establish a luxury brand—as it is right now—even when I am not around anymore.

Is there a moment in your life where you felt like quitting the fashion industry? Dian Pasquinal Kaur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
The moment I felt like that was right after the death of my brother. I wanted nothing to do with fashion anymore, because of the pain of losing my brother—I thought fashion would not exist without him. Then I thought, Gianni wouldn't like this. He would love me to continue his job and continue to fight for the Versace brand to survive. That made me find the strength to go on.

Now that you've moved the Versace brand into a full-blown lifestyle brand, will we see a Versace edition of the Ford Mustang or perhaps a Lamborghini or a Ferrari? Peter Watt, Dearborn, Michigan
Yes, you will. I already designed a Lamborghini—It's a Murcielago Lamborghini. We designed a limited edition, which I love. I love cars. I wouldn't drive a Lamborghini, though, because I think I would be too dangerous as a driver.

What is your favorite article of clothing? Raphael Aryeh Ben Mordechai, Beit Meir, Israel
At this moment: shoes.

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