The Wild World of Animal Prostheses

With fake fins and plastic paws, doctors can rebuild injured animals — and also use what they learn to help humans

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Gergely L. Boda / MTI / AP

A stork named Uzonka wearing a prosthesis on its broken bill walks in the backyard of the local animal hospital in Uzon in Kovasna county, north of Bucarest, in Romania on Friday, Sept. 15, 2006.

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No one doubts that animal prosthetics are doing plenty of good, but is it possible to go too far? Well, there's always the matter of the dog testicles. Researcher Gregg Miller mortgaged his home to help fund his invention of an unlikely prosthesis that he calls "neuticles." The goal was not to restore the dogs' breeding abilities--that's clearly impossible--but rather their "self-esteem." No word yet from the patients on whether the surgery worked.

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