10 Questions for Glenn Close

Known for chilling roles in Fatal Attraction and Dangerous Liaisons, she's moving to the small screen next month as a cutthroat litigator in the new FX show Damages. Glenn Close will now take your questions

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Jill Greenberg / Corbis Outline

Glenn Close

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TIME's interview with the film and television actress continues on Time.com. Read these extra questions with Glenn Close.

You've played so many parts, from the Vice President of the United States to the crazy Cruella De Vil. What's been your favorite role, and what's been your most challenging?Chelsea Olson, SEATTLE
That's a very hard question. It's like if I had more than one child, having to choose what child I liked, because each of them represent so much to me. For overall experience, I loved making Dangerous Liaisons. It was such a brilliant script and I love working with Stephen Frears. Big Chill — only the second movie I did — was a great experience, with another wonderful director Larry Kasdan and a great cast. Challenges I think would have to be Fatal Attraction because it was a very physical demanding part, and Reversal of Fortune where I played Sunny von Bulow. She was a tragic figure and understandably — but unfortunate for me — no friend of hers wanted to talk to me about what she was like. I think that in some ways, even though we had a very brilliant script, I felt like I was working a bit in a vacuum. I might have had different nuances if I had known more about her.

Is there any part that you have not done yet that you would like to play? What would it be?David Jingst, ST. CHARLES, ILL.
I have played Norma Desmond on stage in Sunset Boulevard, the musical, and I would love to play her on film.

If you could go back in time and visit your 20-year-old self, what advice would you give her?Victoria Fernandez, TORONTO
Be aware of your inner voice and follow it, even though most of the time it will tell you the most uncomfortable path to choose.

Do you find that Dalmatians are still scared of you?Rachel Hamilton, PARIS, ILL.
[Laughs] I've seen a lot of Dalmatians in Central Park and they're always so beautiful — and they're not scared of me. They might be scared of me if I was in full drag as Cruella. It was kind of a strange phenomenon, whenever I'd get in my full drag, no animal wanted to be around me.

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