10 Questions for Isabella Rossellini

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Isabella Rossellini

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You were the face of Lancôme for more than a dozen years. Do you still wish you were modeling?

Anything you enjoy that much, you hope it will last. But I had a very long career. Now that seems to be rare. It's even true of actors. The celebrity culture has collapsed your moment of success to four, five, six years--then you're passé. I don't know what the problem is. As I said, I'm no intellectual.

Maybe the problem is ageism?

Yes, there's ageism in modeling and acting. I'm dying to see Diane Keaton or Sissy Spacek more, and we don't see them as much. The story you hear over and over is about seducing a man and getting married, but women do much more than that. Maybe it will help having more women as directors, heads of cosmetic companies or heads of studios. It's the whole system.

Your daughter has become a model too. Are you happy about it?

I'm delighted. It's the perfect job for a young woman. Yes, you have to be thin, but you learn about style and aesthetics. You travel the world. It exposes you to many cultures. Being a model is almost like going to finishing school, but less boring.

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