Verbatim: Apr. 24, 2006

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"Our answer to those who are angry about Iran obtaining the full nuclear cycle is one phrase. We say: Be angry, and die of this anger."

MAHMOUD AHMADINEJAD, President of Iran, following his announcement that Iran had successfully enriched uranium

"From an Islamic point of view, we have to be a superpower, and we have to be above you, and you have to be subdued."

ZACARIAS MOUSSAOUI, admitted al-Qaeda conspirator, testifying at his sentencing trial on why he hates Americans

"For Pete's sake, if you can't trust your Supreme Court Justice more than that, get a life."

ANTONIN SCALIA, Supreme Court Justice, defending his decision not to recuse himself from a 2004 case involving Vice President Dick Cheney, with whom he had gone hunting

"I'm blown away ... I'm so excited that Tom DeLay would say that about me."

PATRICK MCHENRY, North Carolina Republican who at 30 is the youngest member of Congress, after the former House majority leader named him one of three House members with the conservative credentials to become the "next Tom DeLay"

"Don't think of me as a 14-year-old, since all these troubles have made me older; I won't regret my actions. I'll behave the way I think I should!"

ANNE FRANK, in a 1944 letter to her father that was released last week, protesting after she was forbidden to spend time alone with a young man who was hiding from the Nazis with the Franks in Amsterdam during World War II

"Maybe beauty is the final step to end violence and preach world peace after all."

TAMAR GOREGIAN, winner of the Iraq Queen of Beauty pageant, in her acceptance speech, four days before extremists' threats prompted her resignation. The second and third runners-up declined the crown, and the current queen is in hiding

"In New Orleans, we're not down with Michael Brown. We were glad when he left town."

OLIVER THOMAS, New Orleans council president, on the decision of neighboring St. Bernard Parish to consider hiring the former chief of the Federal Emergency Management Agency as a consultant

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