Turning Points: Do It For Love

The former Godfather star tells how he dropped out--and then back in

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And Scott's doing great. He's 25 and writing and directing his first feature film. He's a very independent guy. He says, "Dad, if you call up someone, or try to recommend me, I'm not even going to go on the appointment." Scott did a lot the hard way. But what pleases me most and makes me two inches taller is to see the kind of man he is, what a wonderful human being he's become. I watch him handle people, and he's gentle and nice. He loves what he does. Hopefully, I had some influence in teaching him that you should do what you love.

He threw me a bone and gave me a day's work in his picture Dallas and Rusty. He gave me four lines at the end of the movie. I couldn't be prouder.

--As told to Heather Won Tesoriero

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