Bono And U2: Can Rock 'N' Roll Save The World?

Pop stars with causes are easy targets. U2 doesn't care. Just ask Bono about debt relief

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So, can rock change the world? The image most of the public has of rockers is that of drive-by dilettantes who throw money at a problem and then limo off to the next gig. U2 is taken more seriously because it has lasted longer than almost every other rock act on the scene--so its commitment to social causes seems, well, more committed. "Rock music can change things. I know that it changed our lives," says Bono. "Rock is really about the transcendent feeling. There's life in the form. I still think that rock music is the only music that can still get you to that eternal place where you want to start a revolution, call your mother, change your job or change your mind. I think that's what rock music can do."

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