Wednesday, Apr. 18, 2012

Yani Tseng

Golf is a game of numbers. Success is quantified statistically. On the current landscape of women's golf, Yani Tseng's dominance is unquestionable. At 23, she's already won a career's worth of tournaments and prize money. But even more impressive than her win total, scoring average and No. 1 world ranking is the way she wins.

Yani's infectious smile and genuine enthusiasm for golf create an aura that grabs the attention of galleries and living rooms, captivating even casual sports fans. People know they're witnessing greatness.

A rare talent with the ability to energize a new generation of LPGA fans, Yani will get even better as she gains experience. Her potential both as a player and as an ambassador for the game is limitless. While there's no way of knowing how many records she'll shatter, Yani's blend of skill, grace and work ethic will be a powerful force on the LPGA tour for years to come.

Sorenstam, a Hall of Fame golfer, won 72 LPGA titles