Monday, Apr. 02, 2012

The Beatles

It wasn't just the music world that the Beatles took by storm in the '60s. From mop tops and Pierre Cardin collarless jackets to neon suits and facial hair, the Fab Four left an indelible print on all things fashion. Though they started out with a generic style consisting of leather jackets and greaser hair, they quickly embraced the art of reinvention. During the tumultuous period of Beatlemania, the group's dark suits gave way to the mod look and then to bright colors and paisley. Not only were the Beatles selling records; they were also selling trends, as millions of copycats adopted everything from their Cuban-heeled boots (known as Beatle boots) and their shaggy hair to their mustaches and John Lennon's signature glasses. Though the Beatles were perhaps the best band in rock-'n'-roll history, it was their style savvy that gave them a boost toward being a bona fide worldwide cultural phenomenon.