Thursday, Feb. 16, 2012

BonBon Land

Some fifty miles southwest of Copenhagen sits BonBon Land, the whimsical, wacky and vaguely disturbing theme park home to attractions like the "Farting Dog" and "Skid Mark" rollercoasters. Though now owned by Spanish entertainment company Parques Reunidos, BonBon Land is the brainchild of Danish confectioner, Michael Spangsberg, who opened the park in 1992 to promote his developing candy business, BonBon. In addition to log flumes and rollercoasters, BonBon Land features a puzzling variety of cartoon animal statues, along with murals depicting seagulls defecating into alligators' mouths and dogs gleefully passing gas. General admission during summer months costs almost $40, but can you really put a price on taking ride on the Skid Mark?