Thursday, Feb. 02, 2012

They're a Family Team With a Friendly, Family Rivalry

Unlike many teams that have been bought and sold several times, the Giants have been at least partly owned by one family since the team's inception. Tim Mara founded the Giants in 1925; his son Wellington started as a ball boy and later co-owned the team until his death in 2005. John Mara, Wellington's son, is the current co-owner, president and CEO. But if one family of football royalty wasn't enough, Tim Mara's grandson, Chris married Kathleen Rooney, granddaughter of Pittsburgh Steelers founder Art Rooney, connecting the two football dynasty families. Chris and Kathleen's two daughters are actresses Kate and Rooney Mara, who have said they are fans of both teams. Kate missed seeing the Steelers play in Super Bowl XL while shooting a film and now has a clause in every contract that if the Giants or Steelers make the Super Bowl, she does not have to work. Look for her to be cheering on the G-Men on Feb. 5.