Thursday, Feb. 02, 2012

The Patriot Isn't Any Ol' Patriot

Today, the New England Patriots' logo may just look some modernized rendering of revolutionary Minuteman. But actually, that's Pat! Pat Patriot. Until 1993, the Pats used a much more detailed version of Pat as its logo, with Pat wearing a tricornered hat and a Continental Army uniform. It was originally drawn by Phil Bissell of The Boston Globe when the Pats were officially the Boston Patriots. In 1960, Bissell was asked to draw a cartoon for the Globe, and underneath he wrote, "Now to make some history around here." The team loved it, and Bissell gave the logo to the team free of charge. Today, the Pats use a much sleeker version, but you can still make out the triangular shape of his revolutionary-era hat. On the field, however, the Pat Patriot mascot is still fully with us, even after one of the guys who played Pat was busted in a prostitution ring a few years ago.