Wednesday, Dec. 14, 2011

Nick Ashford

Nick obviously had an incredible connection with Valerie Simpson, his wife and songwriting partner. Their songs were powerful, and Nick and Valerie had an insight into my character and what I liked to sing. One of my biggest hits, "I'm Every Woman," came from them. I will probably be singing that song until the day I die. Until my voice stops. It's an anthem, and the lyrics are brilliant. In concert, both men and women in the audience sing "I'm Every Woman" with me. The men joining in surprised me for a hot minute, and then I thought, No, this is right. This is correct. I think Nick embraced his femininity as much as he embraced his masculinity. I admire that in a person. It's a beautiful thing.

His presence and what he had to offer to the music world will be missed. I would love to see what he'd be writing with Valerie right now.

Khan is a Grammy-winning singer and songwriter