Wednesday, Dec. 07, 2011

Parking Garage — Citizens Bank

This ad imagines a group of Founding Fathers stuck in a parking garage. Although they are inserting the ticket into the slot as instructed, the exit gate won't lift. And of course, no one is around to help them. It's a common conundrum. "Rub it on your pantaloons, man," one of them yells at the driver, in the advertisement's funniest line. "Did it work?" another one asks. "Did it go up?" the driver replies. Wise Alexander Hamilton, the father of modern banking, chimes in: "Sometimes what the people need most is people. A good bank gets that and offers personal service when you need it." Ah, so that's the tie-in to Citzens Bank. Got it. But let's return to the problem at hand. "Now, get out and lift the gate," the driver tersely tells Hamilton. Was that Aaron Burr?