Wednesday, Dec. 07, 2011

The Force — Volkswagen

A young boy dressed as Darth Vader learns that the force isn't with him. He sticks his hand out, like Vader in the Star Wars movies, at the treadmill, the dog, the washing machine, a doll, a sandwich, hoping to move them all with his mind. He's crushed when nothing happens. (Though in the movies, didn't Vader use this technique to choke a guy to death? Did the kid want to kill the dog?) Leave it to Dad, however, to lift the boy's spirits. As little Vader tries to play a mind trick on the Volkswagen Passat in the driveway, Dad, watching from the kitchen, starts the car remotely with his keys. The son looks back at the house, stunned. (You can tell, even though he's wearing a mask, that his mind is blown.) Even after a dozen viewings, it's hard not to smile.