Wednesday, Dec. 07, 2011

Real Lightning McQueen

Lightning McQueen can teach you how to drive. Bump-detection sensors on this remote-controlled car's front and back make for a highly interactive experience; one too many fender benders and McQueen will sit idle for a few seconds for a pit stop. Parents, think of it as corrective play — and the guardian angel of your floor-level cabinets.

Created using Air Hogs' top-notch RC technology, the car really does make for an impressive plaything. Impulse-projection technology moves McQueen's eyes and mouth as you drive, but the toy's most convincing feature is the audio; the car is voiced by actor Owen Wilson, who played McQueen in Pixar's two Cars films. An easy-to-use remote takes the guesswork out of driving, and the car operates in two modes: "Rookie" and "Race." Cruise in "Rookie" and McQueen instructs you on how to drive, a helpful feature for younger kids. Switch to "Race" and like most other RC cars, you'll send McQueen speeding around at the whim of your fingertips.

Price: $65, Air Hogs/Disney