Wednesday, Dec. 07, 2011

Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling "Episode 1: Arrival"

It's one thing to gather a few light sabers and make a Star Wars fan film. But this shot-for-shot remake of the opening of the cult TV classic The Prisoner is something else entirely. Most impressive is the filmmakers' devotion to detail, like belaboring over the position of a pen on a desk or combing the east coast for just the right kind of beach. Boston based filmmaker Theodore Cormery says it took months just to track down one of the last of 42 remaining Caterham Seven sports cars in the world. And the sets, created with miniatures and CGI, are so accurate, the geekiest "Prisoner" fan can only take it all in with astonishment. The entire feat took two years to complete. As for budget, Cormery is evasive. "I won't get into exact numbers," he says. "I'll just say this: I've know independent features made for less than for these three minutes."