Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2011

Kinshasa, Congo

Predicted increase in population by 2025: 6.29 million

This sprawling megacity in the Democratic Republic of Congo is ill prepared for its place as one of the world's fastest-growing cities. That's because Kinshasa is still rooted in the primary economic sector, trading in natural resources that are quickly being depleted. Economic disparity is evident as rampant corruption plagues industry, but nevertheless Kinshasa is poised to continue its economic expansion as Congo's only business hub. Aside from the city's lack of preparedness, violence is a daily occurrence in Kinshasa, as the entire nation reels from years of lawlessness and civil war. A dangerously high crime rate is poised to keep rising as the disparity between rich and poor continues to increase. Housing takes the form of sprawling slums, infrastructure is hardly maintained, and civil services in Kinshasa are virtually nonexistent — all of which means the city will need to make huge strides to bolster the weight of its expanding population.