Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2011

Harold Camping

What you'll need:
• A stiff suit, brown
• A starched shirt, brown
• A well-worn tie, once again, brown
• The Bible
• A sign that reads: "Judgment Day: May 21, 2011" (cross out May 21, write in Oct. 21)
• A doomsday prophesy

Harold Camping is the 90-year-old biblical scholar who's wildly predicted the end of the world. Incorrectly. Twice. Assuming his Rapture yarns don't materialize — as he predicts — on Oct. 21, you'll be free to make a wild prediction of your own, in full costume. Don't worry if your math skills are lacking — it's not like your prediction has to be correct. Just be sure to have a clever, roundabout reinterpretation when it doesn't come true. Then, make a brand-new prediction and watch people freak out all over again.