Friday, Aug. 26, 2011

6. The Whitehead Sisters

Teenage twins Jasmiyah (Jas) and Tasmiyah (Tas) Whitehead, former honor students and Girl Scouts, spent nearly two years living with their great-grandmother before they moved back in with their mother, Jarmecca Nikki Whitehead, in Conyers, Ga. She was fatally stabbed and beaten on Jan. 14, 2010. The twins, who were arrested for the slaying, say they are not guilty and that they came home from school and discovered their mother's body in a pool of blood. A trial is tentatively scheduled for September. The week before her death, the mother had called police three times due to problems with her "out-of-control" daughters, ABC reported. Friends and co-workers of Nikki Whitehead weren't surprised the twins were suspects, reported the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Tas and Jas were reportedly difficult to handle, to the point that their great-grandmother had to deadbolt her bedroom door to keep the twins from stealing from her.