Monday, May. 09, 2011

Moroccan (Mariah Carey)

Mariah Carey wasn't particularly private about her pregnancy, tweeting photos of her painted belly and appearing naked on the cover of two tabloid magazines flaunting her baby bump. But when she gave birth to a set of twins, Carey and her husband Nick Cannon took about five days to announce their names. Perhaps they were wondering if it was too late to change the one they picked out for their boy — Moroccan. Yes, like the North African nation, though the actual source is one degree removed. Apparently, Carey and Cannon named their boy after the penthouse room in their New York City apartment. Decorated in a Moroccan theme, it is also where Cannon proposed to his future wife. Here's a tip: Take that kid to Morocco ASAP, because that's going to be the third question he gets when he meets anyone. "Morocco? Like the country? You ever been?"