Thursday, Apr. 21, 2011

Colin Firth

There are two Colin Firths, who live symbiotically within each other. First is a man of principle, action and compassion, who fights for the powerless. Second is a beloved actor in Britain and an international film star.

The two sides of Colin, 50, inform each other. He can be the glamorous celebrity, but look closely at photos of him on the red carpet: there is a kindness in his eyes, an introspection and consideration. He actively pursues a deeper understanding of the world around him, and his humanitarianism gives a depth and wisdom to his performances.

As Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice, Colin underplayed the attractiveness of that character. Here was a man locked away within himself but with great personal standards and morality. It was a performance that made women of all ages swoon. As George VI in The King's Speech, he revealed the vulnerability and sense of inadequacy that can be found even in the high and mighty. Colin's innate decency, self-discipline and self-deprecation make him into the archetypal Englishman. His kind, thoughtful, passionate soul makes him into Everyman.

Mirren won an Oscar for The Queen