Thursday, Apr. 21, 2011

Kim Clijsters

When it comes to having it all, Kim Clijsters offers a great model. In 2007, at the ripe old age of 23, Kim retired from professional tennis. She wanted to start a family. Her beautiful daughter Jada Ellie was born in 2008. Then Kim decided to make a comeback, and she has exceeded all expectations. Kim has won the past two U.S. Open titles and earlier this year was the No. 1 player in the world.

Sure, it's easier to balance work and family when you're making a lot of money. But Kim has turned that balance into an art form. She has kept her feet on the ground and knows that her tennis skills do not make her a great person. Whenever there's an opportunity for players to do something charitable, she's the first to sign up. On the court, Kim doesn't play any mind games. She won't throw tantrums or call for bathroom breaks to throw off her opponent. Kim just gets on with it.

I'm looking forward to watching the rest of Kim's year, though she just injured her ankle while dancing at a wedding. On the bright side, she's offering yet another lesson to fans: you should dance, but when you do, dance carefully.

Navratilova has won 59 Grand Slam titles