Thursday, Apr. 07, 2011

The Royal Wedding Rolls-Royce

Diana arrived at her wedding in a glass coach drawn by six of the Queen's horses, but Kate will cruise to Westminster Abbey in a Rolls-Royce — the same one pelted with paint bombs during student riots in December 2010. Kate's decision to be the first royal bride to arrive by car may reflect a desire to appear humble in an age of austerity. Or perhaps it stems from security concerns. The purple vehicle — given to the Queen by Rolls-Royce in 1977 to mark her silver jubilee — comes equipped with more than £1 million ($1.7 million) worth of security features like reinforced steel doors, toughened glass, and the ability to be driven even if its tires go flat. After their wedding ceremony, the newlyweds will follow in the footsteps of Charles and Diana by taking the 1902 State Landau open-top coach to Buckingham Palace. Surely that switcheroo — from car to carriage — reminds Kate of her own journey from commoner to princess.