Monday, Mar. 28, 2011

Jerk Superman

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Sample tweet: "I'm not sexist. I don't think of myself as God's gift to women. I think of myself as God's gift to everybody."

Isn't a good thing that Clark Kent's such a nice guy? Imagine if he wasn't — or just follow Jerk Superman as he sounds off about all that is wrong with the superhero world. Jerk Superman belittles Flash's virility, makes fun of Spider-Man's scrawniness and — because no hero would be complete without an enemy to fight incessantly — frequently rips on archnemesis Lex Luthor's baldness. And as for the often-debated Superman vs. Batman hypothetical, "Could I beat Batman in a fight? Hmm... does killing him with eye lasers or dropping a building on him while he's asleep count? Then yes."