Monday, Mar. 28, 2011

Blake Hounshell

Followers: 13,000
Sample tweet: "I think today may be remembered as the day the two-state solution died"

Few are better at combing through the endless stream of global news updates than Blake Hounshell, managing editor of Foreign Policy magazine. Based in Qatar, Hounshell keeps tabs on all the major world stories dominating the headlines, with particular attention to the uprisings in nearby countries. But he makes sure attention is paid to other off-the-radar topics as well: in one 24-hour period, Hounshell tweeted about China's policy of interrogating reporters' children while also zeroing in on attacks against the Kurdish people in northern Iraq. And he's more than willing to tip his editorial hand on Twitter; on March 7, to accompany a story on Syrian politics, he wrote, "Raise your hand if you believe Bashar al-Assad has any intention of introducing real reform."