Monday, Mar. 28, 2011

Apolo Ohno

Followers: 239K
Sample tweet: "I'll be the first 2 admit it.....I'm a nerd....plain n simple. #FB"

Like a faster, more frequent Halley's comet, Apolo Ohno appears on most Americans' radar only once every four years, when he races furiously around the ice at the Winter Olympics. But the speed skater's more affable nature comes across on Twitter, with which he's quick to interact with and dispense advice to his fans. "Intervals!!!" Ohno wrote to one follower. "Research shows Tha higher intensity intervals are great for endurance training." Good to know. He's also not afraid to poke fun at himself. In one tweet, he wrote, " 'Hi mr. Onkyo?' um..actually it's Oh-No. 'oh right..Mr. On-Ho, my name is ____etc'. Me - 'ok.' " #timesMyNameIsWreckedPerDay