Monday, Mar. 28, 2011

Dara Torres

Followers: 79K
Sample tweet: "Tyrned my ph on & B4 I cld check my msgs when we landed, T [Torres' four-year-old daughter, Tessa] grabbed my ph and watched Justin Bieber's Baby Baby video....ugh!!"

U.S. swimmer Dara Torres gives her followers a real-time look at the challenge of training for the London Olympics while raising a 4-year-old daughter. "Nothing like being sick again!" she tweeted in late March 2011. "My daughter coughed on me (she's sick) a couple days ago, hello infection! Hacked!!" She's also a sage social commentator. Torres recently wrote, "3 diff guys asked me at Publix if I need help w/ my bags, um very kind but pretty sure I can do it myself! At least chivalry isn't dead!" Torres gives fans a look behind the curtain, but unlike many of her jock peers, she's rarely boring. And sometimes, she just uses Twitter to vent. A few years back, she tweeted, "Guy just moved all my bags in overhead, just moved them back... WTF???" We hear you, Dara.