Monday, Apr. 04, 2011


Age: 14
Occupation: Qatar-based global news network
Previous TIME 100 appearances: 1

During the events of the so-called Arab Spring, no station covered itself in greater glory than the English- and Arabic-language channels of al-Jazeera. In the past the network funded by Qatar's petrodollars has been the object of derision by hawks in Washington wary of its supposed anti-American bias. But al-Jazeera's subversive zeal and superior resources in the Middle East saw millions of people around the world flocking to its coverage of the uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt and elsewhere in the region. Its reporters, not least chief Cairo correspondent Ayman Mohyedlin, outshone most of their counterparts in the Western press corps and — if Mohyedlin's appearance on The Colbert Report is anything to go by — are finally receiving a bit of justified attention and respect in the U.S.