Tuesday, Mar. 01, 2011

James Franco, 2011 Oscars

Whoever asked James Franco and Anne Hathaway to host the 83rd Annual Academy Awards, which aired Feb. 27 to low ratings, must regret it now. At least the overly perky Hathaway tried to sing and dance her way into the audience's hearts (though with little success). Franco, on the other hand, was one big ball of awkwardness. He stood awkwardly, read from the teleprompter awkwardly and even dressed in drag awkwardly. "You know what? If it's the worst Oscars show ever, who cares?" Franco told Vanity Fair earlier in the month. "It's fine, it's like one night. So, it doesn't matter."

Franco has been everywhere recently — he's pursuing a Ph.D. at Yale University, writing and publishing fiction and even appearing on General Hospital — but maybe, with the 2011 Oscars, people have finally had enough. They are Franco-ed out. So how bad was he? Let's put it this way: Franco's offstage tweets were more interesting than the actual ceremony.