Thursday, Jan. 06, 2011

Kristin Richmond and Kirsten Tobey: The Foodies

They're not the first people to try to improve the quality of school lunches, but the Kristin/Kirsten duo is the first to successfully couple good intentions with a serious and sustainable business model. And 2011 looks to be a banner year for their company, Revolution Foods, which provides healthy (and tasty) school lunches to low-income students in cities on both coasts. Even in this economy, a company that sits at the intersection of three hot issues — education reform, child nutrition and sustainable and local agriculture — is a good bet. Revolution Foods was also a big winner in the child-nutrition legislation that Congress has passed, which, starting next year, will expand the federal school-lunch program and promote healthy food in schools. Another sign of the company's growing cachet? President Obama has appointed Richmond to his White House Council on Community Solutions, which is tasked with mobilizing local resources to solve social problems.