Sunday, Jan. 01, 2012

Quit Smoking

So you want to quit smoking? You should. It yellows your teeth, infiltrates all your clothing, irritates your significant other and charms only those in an ever dwindling crowd of fellow smokers. So what better time than now?

Good luck. Only an estimated 15% of people who try to quit manage to stay cigarette-free six months later. True, there are a host of products to help wean you off your nicotine addiction — patches, chewing gum, "e-cigarettes" and even "snus," a Scandinavian habit of wedging a tobacco capsule up against one's gum. The last two, though, have fallen afoul of the FDA; some say the agency overly frets about the harmful effects of these products, which, after all, can stop people from indulging in far more carcinogenic cigarettes. In any event, smokers, you have your work cut out for you. Think it over during your next cigarette break.