Sunday, Jan. 01, 2012

Eat Healthier and Diet

During the holidays, everything we consume is pretty much awful for us: eggnog, fudge, chips and dip, cheese balls. 2011 will be different. Gone are the days of nachos and chicken wings at happy hour and belt-busting brunches on Sundays. It's time to eat healthy. We promise to swap eggs and bagels for granola and oatmeal breakfasts; eat lean, protein-rich salads (nonfat dressing on the side, please) and fruit for lunch; cook fish and brown rice for dinner and serve it up with a side of spinach. It all sounds so good and possible on Jan. 2.

The problem is that most people take this resolution too far by forcing themselves onto restricting diets they can't possibly keep. As the saying goes, try everything in moderation, including moderation. Eat healthy, but allow yourself a treat now and then. Otherwise, it won't be long before this resolution falls by the weight-side.