Thursday, Dec. 09, 2010

Cee Lo Green, "F___ You"

Have you ever been dumped? Dismissed? Ignored? Turned down for a date? Then Cee Lo Green has written the song for you. "F___ You" will likely go down in music history as a classic breakup number, right up there with the likes of "I Will Survive" and "You Oughta Know." It's no surprise that the tune went viral on the Internet before its album or an official music video came out. "F___ You" is angry but upbeat, derisive yet compassionate, and most important, Cee Lo doesn't whine about his lost love (well, except for the part when he literally cries, "Whhhyyyyy?" to his mom, who basically tells him to shut up). Cee Lo doesn't want his unnamed lady back; he just wants to let her know that she's a gold-digging jerk who can, er ... well, you know. (Warning: this video contains graphic language.)