Thursday, Dec. 09, 2010

Kevin Smith: Too Fat to Fly Southwest?

The actor and director is admittedly not the slimmest guy around. But Kevin Smith certainly didn't expect to be thrown off a Southwest Airlines flight in February for being too fat. It turns out that the airline has a "customers of size" policy that requires bigger passengers to buy two seats, which Smith initially did. But he stood by for an earlier flight with only one seat available, and even though he was already seated, he got the boot when airline employees claimed he did not fit in the designated space. Almost immediately, he took to his Twitter account, tossing expletives at the airline. When he later landed in Burbank, Calif., he tweeted, "Hey @SouthwestAir I've landed in Burbank. Don't worry: wall of the plane was opened & I was airlifted out while Richard Simmons supervised." It didn't stop there; in a series of online videos that followed, Smith detailed the humiliation of the episode and encouraged other large passengers to book their flights on a different airline.