Tuesday, Nov. 02, 2010

The Empire State Circus

Open to all seven candidates on the ballot, New York's lone gubernatorial debate, on Oct. 18, was simply an unforgettable spectacle. Republican Carl Paladino had to leave the stage in the middle of closing statements to use the bathroom. Former "Manhattan madam" Kristin Davis came armed with an arsenal of one-liners, at one point quipping that her former escort agency, unlike the MTA, "offered on-time and reliable service." But the breakout star of the event was undoubtedly Jimmy McMillan, the gloved and bearded maestro of the Rent Is Too Damn High Party whose blunt message, delivered in machine-gun-fire oratory, even had Democratic front runner Andrew Cuomo nodding in agreement by the end of the night — "I'm with Jimmy," Cuomo said. "The rent is too damn high."