Monday, Oct. 18, 2010

Naomi Campbell

Supermodels are supposed to be willowy waif creatures; they are not supposed to be rampaging engines of destruction. But someone forgot to tell that to fashion icon Naomi Campbell, who over the past decade has gained a reputation for abusing those who work for her. Since 1998, eight of Campbell's employees have come forth with allegations that the supermodel assaulted them. (Campbell has denied many of the allegations and most have been settled out of court; in 2007, she was found guilty of one assault charge and sentenced to five days of community service.) According to the reports, Campbell's weapon of choice is a telephone: sometimes a landline, sometimes a BlackBerry, sometimes a crystal-encrusted cell phone. Her choice of alleged victims, however, knows no such bounds. All manner of employees — housekeepers, assistants, drivers, even on one occasion a drug counselor — have reportedly felt Campbell's wrath.